Whether we’re ordering copper pots from Amazon Prime, pho on Caviar, or grenache from any one of those subway-advertised wine-delivery start-ups, New Yorkers are really just a couple of apps away from being complete shut-ins. And yet there’s still so much to do in this town — like sampling garam-masala-spiked lamb chops in Long Island City, trying on leopard-print Alaïa coats in the Seaport, sipping fresh-pressed sake in Industry City, and scrambling up the city’s tallest rock-climbing walls in Bushwick. (You’ll find those and more here in our yearly best-of review.) If that’s not enough to lure you out of the house, a slew of great drop-by services is available too: Redo your bedroom with block-print sticker wallpaper, book a visit from an energy healer, or, for those in need of hand-holding, receive some guidance on keeping your potted yucca plant alive.


Vegan Arabic sandwiches, Hunan charcuterie, and French onion soup.


Unpasteurized sake, puppet-making, and rooftop soccer.


British boxers, plywood vases, and Thonet chairs.

Health and Self

A nonjudgmental gym, Portuguese soap, and a throwback manicure.

Home and Help

Monstera maintenance, not-hideous babyproofing, and banjo tune-ups.