1. trump country
    The Mask Backlash That Could Oust a Democratic CongressmanWhy the pandemic might be a winner for Republicans in Orange County, California.
  2. the national interest
    Alleged China-Fighter Donald Trump Has Secret Chinese Bank AccountAnother big scandal — and huge conflict of interest — has surfaced from the tax returns obtained by the New York Times.
  3. fake news
    Trump Walks Out of 60 Minutes Interview, Complains About It on TwitterAfter cutting short an interview with CBS News’ Leslie Stahl, the president threatened to publish his own video from the “fake and biased” encounter.
  4. vision 2020
    What Is Biden’s Actual Position on Court Packing?Biden has been reluctant to say if he is considering expanding the Supreme Court, though he claimed he would provide an answer before the election.
  5. vision 2020
    GOP Hopes That Amy Coney Barrett Would Fire Up the Base FizzledIt’s unclear that killing Garland’s confirmation or forcing Kavanaugh’s did electoral magic for the GOP. The non-fight over Barrett sure won’t.
  6. poll position
    The Three States With Both Close Presidential and Senate RacesIn Georgia, North Carolina, and Iowa, Biden and Trump are virtually tied, and so too are Senate candidates.
  7. politics
    Trump Donors Blew $1 Billion on the QVC PresidentYou buy garbage, you get garbage.
  8. vision 2020
    What We Know About the Final Trump-Biden Debate: Time & How to WatchA brief guide to watching the final presidential debate, plus the latest batch of controversies.
  9. coronavirus stimulus
    Why Trump Should Just Cave to Pelosi on Stimulus DealTrump is losing his advantage over Biden in managing the economy. A last-minute stimulus deal may be the only way to get it back.
  10. the national interest
    Why Trump Ended the Task Force and Put a Kook in Charge of the CoronavirusThe last two GOP administrations have self-immolated by ignoring experts.
  11. encounter
    Attica Scott: Dems Didn’t Have My Back After Protest ArrestThe only Black woman in the Kentucky legislature is ready for change, especially after Breonna Taylor. Is her party?
  12. 2020 presidential debates
    Trump and Biden to Be Muted During Initial Responses in Last Presidential DebateEach candidate will be muted as the other provides a two-minute response for each segment, a change designed to cut down on Trump’s interruptions.
  13. vision 2020
    Supreme Court Stops GOP Effort to Reject Tons of Ballots in PennsylvaniaThe 4-4 decision was a setback for Republicans, but it might have gone differently if Amy Coney Barrett were already confirmed.
  14. covid-19
    Trump Publicly Attacks Dr. Fauci as Third Wave of Pandemic BeginsAs COVID-19 cases surge and his reelection campaign implodes, the president has decided to go after the nation’s top infectious disease expert.
  15. politics
    Fading in Polls, Trump Resorts to Stalking Suburban WomenLadies. Ladies! Ladies? Come back!!!
  16. vision 2020
    Trump Is Running Out of Time to Change These 8 Election X-FactorsExamining the remaining variables, the president is in serious trouble just two weeks ahead of his date with reelection fate.
  17. bolivian election
    Bolivia’s Left Wins Big in New ElectionVoters decisively rejected the party responsible for ousting socialist Evo Morales from power last year.
  18. the top line
    What If Trump Is All Too Eager to Give Up Power?The president may simply check out if he loses, leaving critical challenges, like the need for more COVID-19 relief, to fester.
  19. power
    Trump Interrupted a Highly-Classified Briefing for … MilkshakesIn the middle of a meeting with top intelligence officials, Trump got bored and tried to order everyone malts.
  20. coronavirus stimulus
    Judgment Day for a Stimulus Deal Has ArrivedTrump will finally have to stop sending mixed signals.
  21. vision 2020
    Men and Women Have Never Been More Politically DividedThe gender gap in the 2020 election will be record-breaking — and could persist long after Trump is gone.
  22. coronavirus
    Trump’s Latest Biden Insult: ‘He’ll Listen to the Scientists’Considering the majority of Americans who still fear COVID and consider Trump’s response inadequate, the barb isn’t as thorny as Trump thinks it is.
  23. politics
    Trump Is Still Targeting Governor Gretchen Whitmer After Foiled Kidnapping PlotOne day after Trump prompted “lock her up!” chants at his Michigan rally, his campaign tried to suggest she was encouraging his assassination.
  24. coronavirus
    Twitter Removes Trump Adviser’s Tweet Claiming Masks Don’t WorkThe platform nixed radiologist Scott Atlas’s tweet for breaking its policy on distributing misleading info that could encourage the spread of COVID.
  25. the national interest
    Trump Says He May Leave the Country If He Loses. Does He Mean It?Is the president worried about prison?
  26. poll position
    Two Republicans Could Blow Up Democrats’ Shot at the SenateHow the GOP may just pull off flipping seats in states as different as Alabama and Michigan.
  27. vision 2020
    Has Trump Killed Sex Scandals? The Curious Case of Cal CunninghamThe Democrat running for a must-win Senate seat in North Carolina was caught cheating on his wife just weeks before Election Day.
  28. how was your week?
    1,667 New York Readers on the Barrett Hearings, Election Day, and Winter Life“I think democracy is dead and we are watching its funeral rites.”
  29. racism
    GOP Senator David Perdue Deliberately Butchers ‘Kamala’ at Georgia Trump RallyHis reelection campaign later tried to claim that Perdue referring to Harris as “Kamamboamamla” was an innocent, not-at-all race-baiting mistake.
  30. coronavirus stimulus
    Why Doesn’t Trump Just Tell Mnuchin to Take a Deal?Trump might blame Pelosi or McConnell for failure to get a deal and a second stimulus check. But if any deal is better than none, it’s in his hands.
  31. the national circus
    America Is Tired of the Trump ShowOne glance at Thursday’s dueling town halls showed why the president and his party are in such deep trouble.
  32. the national interest
    The News Media Isn’t Biased Against Trump. It’s Biased in His Favor.The coverage is hostile, but he is held to a more forgiving standard than any modern president has been.
  33. 2020 elections
    Joni Ernst Bombs on Must-Know Soybean Question in DebateRepublican Ernst became famous for her 2014 ads bragging about her experience castrating hogs on an Iowa farm. She seems to have lost touch.
  34. speaking out
    Alexander Vindman’s Wife Accuses Trump of Threatening Their FamilyThe spouse of the colonel who stood up to the president speaks out for the first time.
  35. vision 2020
    What the Early-Voting Deluge Could Mean for the ElectionRecord levels of early voting may mean record overall turnout. But even if early voters are just voting earlier, it could make for a quicker count.
  36. election 2020
    Biden Beat Trump in the Town Hall TV-Ratings BattleBiden’s ABC town hall had the benefit of a stronger lead-in.
  37. vision 2020
    Joe Biden’s and Donald Trump’s Dueling Town Halls: Key MomentsBiden answered cogently and demanded Trump test negative on the day of the next debate, while Trump refused to denounce QAnon.
  38. u.s. supreme court
    Senate’s Uselessness On Display As Judiciary Rubber-stamps Barrett ConfirmationThe body’s high regard for itself was never less earned than in this sham of a hearing.
  39. 2020 election
    Kelly Loeffler Races to Far Right With Endorsement From Marjorie Taylor GreeneCalling herself “more conservative than Attila the Hun” wasn’t enough to get to the right of Doug Collins. Nobody’s to the right of the QAnon fan.
  40. the national interest
    I Have This Crazy Theory Trump’s Campaign Is Colluding With Russia Right NowPeople who are certain there was No Collusion also pretty sure Russia didn’t hack Hunter Biden.
  41. college football
    Nick Saban’s Positive Test Makes COVID-19 Real in the Heart of TrumplandNobody pays more attention to detail than the legendary Alabama coach. Now college football in the South is as imperiled as COVID-19 denial.
  42. vision 2020
    2020’s Top Election Forecasters Are Fighting on TwitterNate Silver and G. Elliott Morris are trying to make sense of 2020 — and each other.
  43. vision 2020
    Will 2020 Be Jimmy Carter’s Revenge?The Democratic South is rising again, but this time it’s multiracial and progressive.
  44. supreme court
    Amy Coney Barrett Says She Won’t Be a Trump ‘Pawn,’ But Does Nothing to Prove ItSupreme Court nominees usually give vague answers, but they don’t always have a president openly wishing they would rule in his favor.
  45. coronavirus stimulus
    Mitch McConnell Preps New Skinny Stimulus Bill With Skinny ChecksThe latest Republican proposal would be DOA with Democrats, so it looks like another means to just appease Trump.
  46. 2020 elections
    We May Have to Wait for Senate Election Results, TooFor reasons ranging from slow counts of mail ballots to funky majority-vote requirements, we may not know who controls the Senate until January.
  47. covid-19
    Who in President Trump’s Orbit Has Tested Positive for COVID-19?Pentagon leaders, senators, campaign bigwigs, and career staff have all fallen ill — and at least one hospitalized.
  48. vision 2020
    Trump’s Comeback Strategy: Deliver Same Old Message, But LouderThe president’s campaign is in trouble, but he can’t seem to think of anything other than yelling at swing voters and demonizing Democrats even more.
  49. the national interest
    Rudy Found Biden Emails That Totally Weren’t Stolen by RussiaUnless Trump’s lawyer is cooperating with a Russian hack-and-leak October surprise? Nah.
  50. vision 2020
    Trump, Biden to Hold Competing Town Halls Instead of DebateSadly, voters will have to wait to witness the unmatched eloquence on display two weeks ago.
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