1. politics
    Partisan Polarization Reaching Record LevelsTrump’s more popular with Republicans than Reagan, less popular with independents than Carter. It’s not just elites who are polarized.
  2. vision 2020
    The Left-Wing Realignment of American Politics Has Already BegunAs centrist Democrats run to the left of yesteryear’s progressives, Republicans are pushing for green energy investment and aid to the poor.
  3. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Trump’s Impeachment Puts the Senate on TrialTrump’s acquittal is a foregone conclusion, but come Election Day, Republican senators may regret their inaction and cowardice.
  4. the national interest
    GOP Attorneys General Argue Trump’s ‘Corrupt Motives’ Are Not ImpeachableThe hottest new Republican legal argument insists citing Trump’s corrupt intent is prosecuting a “thought crime.”
  5. vision 2020
    Why Candidate Alliances Could Matter in Iowa CaucusesMarianne Williamson backing Andrew Yang is a reminder of how alliances can aid candidates scrambling to cross the viability threshold on caucus night.
  6. politics
    Trump Is More Proudly Anti-Choice Than EverWhy his unprecedented choice to speak at the anti-abortion rally “March for Life” is so worrying.
  7. vision 2020
    You Can’t Reform the Presidential Nominating Process With WishesWe don’t really have a unified system for nominating presidential candidates, so systematic reforms aren’t easy.
  8. impeachment
    Watching the Impeachment Trial, Live Before a Distracted Senate AudienceTo pass the time, senators brought crosswords, banned phones, light reading like The Federalist Papers, and decorum-approved glasses of milk.
  9. impeachment
    What We Learned on Day Two of the Trump Impeachment TrialHouse Democrats got a chance to lay out their case without interruption, as Trump raged and senators schemed in the background.
  10. christian right
    Christian Nationalists Are Drafting Legislation for State Republicans: ReportThe lobbyist strategy Project Blitz places anti-LGBTQ, anti-choice bills before state legislatures. According to the 2018 session, it’s working.
  11. impeachment
    The Trump Trial Isn’t a Criminal Proceeding, and the Senators Aren’t JurorsIt’s easier to understand an impeachment trial via analogies to criminal proceedings, but it’s dangerously inaccurate, too.
  12. the national interest
    Trump Lawyer Jay Sekulow Literally Does Not Understand Words and How They WorkTrump may have hired America’s dumbest lawyer.
  13. politics
    At Davos, Trump Says U.S. Is a ‘Developing Nation Too’By any definition, it’s not — but that won’t stop Trump’s complaining over the WTO practice of providing special provisions for developing nations.
  14. trump impeachment
    How Senators Are Coping With Trump Impeachment-Trial TediumSenators were spotted doing crossword puzzles, passing notes, and chewing gum — and some even paid attention to the proceedings.
  15. vision 2020
    Tulsi Gabbard Unlikely to Win Her Defamation Lawsuit Against Hillary ClintonIt’s tough to win this kind of case against a public official, but Gabbard probably cares more about the publicity.
  16. racism
    Joe Biden: Today’s Racists Wear Suits and Make Laws, Unlike the Old OnesThe candidate’s bizarre remarks on race.
  17. the national interest
    Senate Republicans Will Pay a Price for Helping Trump Conceal EvidenceMitch McConnell can delay it, but eventually they will have to choose either a cover-up or allowing more damning evidence.
  18. impeachment
    Highlights and Lowlights From Day One of Trump’s Impeachment TrialThe most important moments from the case against President Trump.
  19. impeachment
    Democrats Mull Trading Bidens’ Impeachment Testimony for John Bolton: ReportDemocratic senators are reportedly considering a witness deal proposal, trading John Bolton’s testimony for Hunter Biden’s — and possibly his dad’s.
  20. impeachment
    Inside the Impeachment Trial: Snoozing, Stealth Snacking, and a McConnell SmirkAs Democratic amendments repeatedly failed during a marathon session, senators struggled with impeachment trial decorum — except for McConnell.
  21. impeachment
    What We Learned on Day One of the Trump Impeachment TrialSome argued the proceeding showed McConnell had lost his grip on Republican senators — but maybe he actually proved his mastery of them.
  22. travel ban
    Trump Is Considering Expanding the Travel Ban: ReportThe potential additions are not finalized, but the travel ban could soon include Belarus, Myanmar, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Sudan, and Tanzania.
  23. feminism
    We Need a Smarter Conversation About Feminism in PoliticsHillary Clinton should amplify the needs and work of women far less powerful than she is.
  24. new york times
    Should Newspaper Endorsements Exist?In the wake of the Times’ big reveal of its choice, Intelligencer staffers discuss whether this tradition makes any sense.
  25. the national interest
    Two Trump Lawyers Dismissed His Own Constitutional Argument Against ImpeachmentJonathan Turley and William Barr have said a president can be impeached for abuse of power. Oops!
  26. vision 2020
    The Times Dual Endorsement of Klobuchar and Warren Isn’t NutsYes, they have many differences. But they’re the candidates with the most compelling plans to get something done, and they’d break that glass ceiling.
  27. trump impeachment
    The Impeachment Process Explained: What Happens to Trump Now?Everything you need to know about the next steps in the Senate, and the consequences Trump might face.
  28. impeachment
    Mitch McConnell’s Impeachment Trial StrategyMcConnell wants the trial to unfold rapidly, but has backup plans in case things go awry and the Senate agrees to hear witnesses.
  29. impeachment
    Trump Gives House Republicans Participation Trophy As ‘Adjunct’ Trial TeamMark Meadows, Doug Collins, and others won’t get to rant and rave and cut capers in the Senate—but they’ll be honorary members of Trump’s legal squad.
  30. the national interest
    Trump and Russia Are Colluding in Ukraine for Profit and Political GainThe Ukraine scandal might just be the same thing as the Russia scandal.
  31. trump impeachment
    McConnell Dubbed ‘Midnight Mitch’ for Pushing Impeachment Into ‘Dead of Night’The Republican’s proposal, which would see the impeachment trial last well into the night, have Democrats crying “cover-up.”
  32. select all
    Peter Thiel’s Latest Venture Is the American GovernmentHow the VC learned to love Big Brother.
  33. impeachment
    How to Watch the Senate Impeachment Trial of President TrumpAnd what to expect from the first week — including Saturday proceedings and some seriously late nights, if Mitch McConnell’s timeline holds.
  34. climate change
    Republican-led States Want Disaster Aid Without Having to Address Climate ChangeAs states ignore climate change — but seek funding to limit its damage — the region is expected to bear the brunt of rising sea levels in the U.S.
  35. politics
    Kellyanne Conway: Martin Luther King Jr. Would Be Against Trump ImpeachmentIt’s highly unlikely that the reverend, who died fighting for equality, would oppose a Constitutional effort to hold a racist president accountable.
  36. trump impeachment
    Trump Lawyers Ask for Quick End to ‘Flimsy’ Impeachment CaseIn a memo released Monday, the President’s team argued that he did “absolutely nothing wrong.”
  37. new york times
    All the Problems With the New York Times’ Televised Endorsement SpecialThe reality TV show no one needed resulted in an unsatisfying double endorsement.
  38. the national interest
    Now We Know What Would Have Happened If Joe McCarthy Became PresidentThe surprising thing is not McCarthy’s rise to power, but why it took so long for somebody to try the same thing again.
  39. vision 2020
    How the Impeachment Trial Affects Sanders, Warren, and Klobuchar in IowaThe four senators still running for president will lose valuable face time and local media coverage during a crucial stretch of the campaign.
  40. vision 2020
    One of the Iowa Contenders Could Beat Trump, Right?Two weeks out from the caucus, it’s an unprecedented four-way deadlock. Ready, set, go!
  41. the national interest
    Trump Lawyers Argue No President Can Be Impeached for Any Abuse of PowerThe White House legal team lays out a breathtaking constitutional theory.
  42. impeachment
    House Prosecutors, Trump Lawyers File Dueling Impeachment BriefsTrump is either the “framers’ worst nightmare” or a completely innocent victim, depending on which memo you read.
  43. impeachment
    Pence Is Right: Trump Is a Lot Like Andrew JohnsonPence embraces the discredited Jim Crow theory of Johnson’s victimization and Reconstruction’s evil. But Trump does emulate his scofflaw behavior.
  44. politics
    National Archives Apologizes for Censoring Protest Signs From Women’s MarchThe agency digitally altered protester’s signs to remove mentions of Trump and women’s anatomy in a failed effort to avoid controversy.
  45. the national interest
    Republicans Don’t Even Know What They’re Covering UpBut the latest revelations about Trump and Ukraine are explosive.
  46. vision 2020
    Joe Biden’s Agreeable, Terrific, Very Good, Not at All Bad WeekOver the past seven days, Biden’s top rivals turned on each other, polls turned his way — and Barack Obama did his campaign a big favor.
  47. impeachment
    Dershowitz Is Part of Trump’s Defense Team Whether He Admits It or NotAs usual, the allegedly impartial TV lawyer wants to have it both ways.
  48. david brooks
    Bernie Isn’t Trying to Start a Class War. The Rich Are Trying to Finish One.David Brooks argues that workers in America are paid what their labor is worth, accidentally proving the opposite.
  49. the national interest
    Trump Tried to Legalize Bribery, Maybe Wasn’t Worried About Ukrainian CorruptionThe GOP defense that Trump just wanted to reform Ukraine keeps getting more ridiculous.
  50. impeachment
    Trump Trial Team Will Include Alan Dershowitz, Ken StarrApparently Trump craved the lurid spectacle these two disgraced old legal beagles bring to his solemn Senate trial.
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