1. the top line
    This Is How Trump Will Tank the Economy and His PresidencyTrump’s trade war might be headed into a self-reinforcing death spiral.
  2. abortion
    Anti-Abortion Activists Object to State Bans — But Only on TacticsAnti-abortion leaders are discouraging extreme state abortion laws, preferring stealth until the time is ripe for a frontal assault on Roe v. Wade.
  3. obits
    David Koch’s Monstrous LegacyThe world is burning, and he and his brother own a share of the blame.
  4. filibuster
    Today’s Republicans Use the Filibuster Just Like the Segregationists DidUntil Democrats show the moral outrage that overcame filibusters against civil rights, you can forget about gun, climate change, or immigration bills.
  5. the national interest
    Trump Is Melting Down Because China Won’t Give In on TradeTrump’s international disputes usually end quietly. This one might be different.
  6. vision 2020
    Moulton Drops Out of 2020 Race; Could de Blasio Be Next?We’re now down to 21 Democratic presidential candidates, with tougher rules for participation in debates likely to winnow several more.
  7. life after warming
    The Political Status Quo Is No Match for Climate ChangeAs the Amazon rainforest burns at an alarming rate in Bolsonaro’s Brazil, Jay Inslee’s climate change presidential candidacy flames out.
  8. 1619 project
    The ‘1619 Project’ Isn’t Anti-American — It’s Anti-White Identity PoliticsThe centrality of slavery to the American story is only threatening to one’s national identity if one chooses to identify as white.
  9. democracy
    Democrats Are Turning Their Attention to a Very Unsexy Bulwark of DemocracyDemocrats have historically not focused their energies on the secretaries of state. But the office is crucial to state elections.
  10. the high life
    Barack and Michelle Obama Are Reportedly Buying a Mansion in Martha’s VineyardWho needs politics when you can have lighthouses, the gingerbread cottages of Edgartown, and a mansion with a $64,000 mortgage payment?
  11. criminal justice reform
    Louisiana Gubernatorial Candidate Wants to Roll Back Criminal-Justice ReformCongressman Ralph Abraham is so committed to law-and-order politics that he voted against the modest criminal-justice-reform bill Trump signed.
  12. what if?
    What If Obama Had Dropped Biden in 2012?Changing things up in 2012 might have helped Democrats avoid the contentious nomination fights of 2016 and 2020.
  13. vision 2020
    Julián Castro Appeals to the Animal-Rights VoteIt’s very smart politics for a lower-tier candidate like Castro to distinguish himself with a comprehensive animal-welfare agenda.
  14. foreign affairs
    Rudy Giuliani Is ‘Strongly’ Urging Ukraine to Investigate Joe BidenTrump’s personal lawyer has quietly restarted efforts to pressure Kiev into probing Trump’s personal rivals.
  15. the national interest
    McConnell Recruiting Senate Democrats to Destroy the Next Democratic PresidencyMcConnell says Senate Democrats should let him filibuster everything.
  16. donald trump
    The 7 Most Unhinged Things Trump Said on WednesdayTrump proclaimed himself the “chosen one,” continued feuding over Greenland, and joked (maybe) about giving himself the Medal of Honor.
  17. nikki haley
    Nikki Haley Pledges Allegiance to Trump-Pence 2020The former governor and ambassador is exhibiting her ambitions in denying any ambition to supplant the veep on the Trump ticket.
  18. vision 2020
    Ranking the Most Influential Democratic Donors in the 2020 RaceWhose money are the presidential hopefuls gunning for?
  19. electoral college
    No, Joni Ernst, Iowans Don’t Need the Electoral College to Influence PresidentsIt’s funny that the senator for the first-in-the-nation-caucus state thinks nobody would pay attention to Iowa if not for its six electoral votes.
  20. explainer
    Is Donald Trump the Antichrist, the Beast, the Son of Perdition?There would be signs, okay?
  21. religion
    When Trump Talks About Jews, He’s Really Talking to Evangelical ChristiansTrump’s appeals to Jews are mostly dog whistles to his Evangelical base, which views Jews and Israel as central to the Second Coming.
  22. islamophobia
    Trump’s Tweets Prove GOP Attacks on Omar, Tlaib Were Always About IslamophobiaThe anti-Semitism allegations were just a cover.
  23. immigration
    Trump Demands Right to Detain Migrant Children IndefinitelyIt’s mostly symbolic, since the judge who set the 20-day limit on detention of children is unlikely to approve it, but the new policy sounds tough.
  24. politics
    Denmark’s Leaders Mock Trump and His Dream of Buying Greenland“Trump lives on another planet.”
  25. the national interest
    Trump Says Jews Should Love Him Because He’s Almost Literally JesusTrump can’t understand why stiff-necked Jews forsake his brand of blood-and-soil authoritarian demagoguery.
  26. racism
    Racism Has Thwarted American Ideals From the Beginning, and Still DoesInstead of complaining about greater recognition of racism in American history, conservatives should realize it has been their enemy, too.
  27. criminal justice
    California’s New Use-of-Force Law Is Still Deadly VagueA new law strengthens California’s guidelines for police use of force. But it does not go far enough.
  28. the national interest
    Trump Cancels Denmark Meeting Because He Can’t Buy GreenlandHigh-level diplomatic genius.
  29. trump tax returns
    Report: U.K. Tax Filings Show Trump Inflated Value of Scottish ResortsAccording to numbers from balance sheets filed in the U.K., the president’s resorts in Scotland aren’t doing as hot as he says they are.
  30. the top line
    Trump Can’t Have It Both Ways on the EconomyThe president wants us to believe that the economy is both booming and fragile.
  31. vision 2020
    Should Biden’s Competitors Make His Age a Bigger Issue?Intelligencer staffers discuss how Democratic candidates should handle a major vulnerability for the front-runner.
  32. the economy
    When CEOs Promise a Kinder Capitalism, Watch Your WalletThe Business Roundtable’s embrace of “corporate responsibility” is an attempt to evade democratic accountability.
  33. politics
    Trump Insults Several Million American JewsBut don’t expect any Republican condemnation of the president’s offensive remark.
  34. the national interest
    Republicans Sabotaged Obama’s Economy and Assume Democrats Are Doing It to ThemTrump and his allies assume Democrats are trying to induce a recession. It’s classic projection.
  35. the vote
    Trump’s New Attempt to Skew RedistrictingAfter SCOTUS halted a citizen question in the 2020 Census, the administration is collecting data states can use to base redistricting on citizenship.
  36. politics
    Where’s the Justice for Mark Halperin’s Victims?In some prominent harassment cases, women are no match for the power of sycophancy.
  37. vision 2020
    Trump Assures Public He Isn’t Mulling Middle-Class Tax Cut to Stop RecessionTrump’s team denies that it’s mulling a payroll tax cut to preempt a recession, insisting that it’s only considering new tax breaks for the rich.
  38. vision 2020
    September Democratic Debates Should Feature Less Crowded StagesLooks like at least 11 will qualify for the third round of Democratic debates. That probably means two events with fewer participants than before.
  39. foreign interests
    Trump’s Empty Threats to China Won’t Help Hong KongThe Trump administration’s tough talk on holding up already-stalled trade talks won’t keep Beijing from cracking down on protesters in Hong Kong.
  40. vision 2020
    Elizabeth Warren’s Struggle to Draw Black Voters Is a Big ProblemShe’s working to expand beyond her progressive, “wine-track” base, but still trails Biden, Harris, and Sanders among black Democrats.
  41. vision 2020
    Everybody Hates Trump’s Twitter Addiction, and It Could Become a Campaign IssueEven people who don’t mind the president’s lying and racism are tired of his tweets.
  42. police brutality
    NYPD Head Sends Parting Shots at Eric Garner While Firing His Killer“He should’ve decided against resisting arrest,” NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill said of Eric Garner.
  43. #metoo
    How Would We Deal With Bill Clinton If Hillary Had Won?On the 42nd president’s 73rd birthday, he’s probably chafing at being forgotten, but as First Gentlemen, he could have been experiencing a nightmare.
  44. the national interest
    Conservative Scholar: The Real Racists Are People Who Call Trump RacistThe conservative movement’s finest minds have decided Donald Trump is the victim, not the perpetrator, of racial division.
  45. gun reform
    Trump Is Already Backing Away From Doing Anything About GunsAfter a brief window during which he seemed interested in doing something serious to curb mass shootings, he has retreated to NRA talking points.
  46. white house
    Trump Hired Them, Then He Called Them IncompetentAnthony Scaramucci is just the latest Trump hire to fall from the president’s good graces. So much for hiring the “best people.”
  47. power
    Sam Patten’s Wild Life As a Cooperating WitnessMueller was listening to this guy?
  48. world view
    Trump’s Selfish Foreign Policy Doesn’t Really Put America FirstTrump acts like rising tensions in Asia aren’t of interest to Americans. When a crisis comes and we don’t have the tools to respond, they will be.
  49. power
    Accused Serial Sexual Harasser Mark Halperin Signs ‘Trump’ Book DealJournalists on Twitter are calling out the Democratic strategists who agreed to be interviewed by him for the book.
  50. religion
    Do Conservative Evangelicals Like Trump Not Despite But for His Hatefulness?Some suggest they prefer Trump to one of their own as a leader, as they find his un-Christ-like qualities effective.
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