1. early and often
    Will Democrats’ Sudden Legislative Success Matter in the Midterms?With the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act and gas prices dropping, Democrats’ odds of success in November’s elections are looking up.
  2. early and often
    Photos of Trump Notes in Toilet Were Better Left to the ImaginationReporters were so preoccupied with whether they could find these pictures that they didn’t stop to think if they should.
  3. early and often
    Senate Democrats Finally Get Their Big Climate, Health Care, and Tax Bill DoneAn overview of what’s in the Inflation Reduction Act and what last-minute changes were made.
  4. 2022 midterms
    The GOP’s Glut of Rookie Candidates Could Mean Lots of Costly MistakesExperience in politics isn’t everything. But the GOP’s unusually large number of first-time candidates could mean midterms trouble down the road.
  5. early and often
    The Biden Age Is Hitting Its StrideThe debate over how old the president is and whether he should run again is a distraction from how much he has already accomplished.
  6. what is elon musk?
    What Is Elon Musk?And how is it possible that he could emerge from his Twitter debacle more culturally dominant than ever?
  7. plagued
    What Is Going on With America’s COVID Booster Plan?The Biden administration wants to reboot the U.S. booster drive with reformulated vaccines this fall. Here’s what we know.
  8. early and often
    Arizona Has Become a Paradise for Election DeniersPromoters of Trump’s election fables swept four major statewide Republican primaries. The GOP could pay a price in November.
  9. early and often
    All the Juicy Gossip From Jared Kushner’s BookBreaking History, the forthcoming memoir from the former First Son-in-Law/top Trump adviser, is brimming with dirt, jabs, and score settling.
  10. early and often
    The Drama-Lover’s Guide to the New Trump BooksLove gossip but not enough to actually read the new batch of Trump books? Here are all the juicy, disturbing, and darkly amusing tidbits you missed.
  11. life after roe
    Kansas Shows the Potential Power of Pro-Choice Republican VotersThe Kansas abortion vote confirms that there are a significant number of pro-choice Republicans. Post Dobbs, they may get fed up with their party.
  12. inflation reduction act
    Sinema’s ‘Yes’ on Budget Bill Gives Democrats New MomentumAfter a year of angst, Manchin and Sinema have finally cut deals on the climate and economic bill. Now there are just a few final challenges.
  13. sports
    Tuberville and Manchin Offer to Fix the College-Sports Money MessFederal legislation on player compensation is needed. But maybe the effort should be led by lawmakers who aren’t so closely aligned with coaches.
  14. 2022 midterms
    Kris Kobach Is Making Yet Another Comeback AttemptThe veteran nativist and vote suppresser is running for Kansas attorney general, despite failed U.S. Senate and gubernatorial bids.
  15. early and often
    2022 Midterms: A Guide to the Races Worth WatchingA cheat sheet to keep track of all the crucial races, primary upsets, and campaign drama — Trump-fueled and otherwise — from now through Election Day.
  16. life after roe
    Religious Liberty Is for Pro-Choice People TooPro-abortion-rights clergy are heading to court, arguing that post-Dobbs abortion bans violate their freedom to practice their religion.
  17. life after roe
    The Right to the Ballot and the BodyKansas shows why the anti-abortion movement has to win power by undemocratic means.
  18. early and often
    5 Key Takeaways From the August 2 PrimariesIn the Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, and Washington primaries, Trump’s candidates did well, but there were also hopeful signs for Democrats.
  19. early and often
    Shilling for ThrillsIn Lis Smith’s new memoir, principles are for purists.
  20. life after roe
    Kansas Voters Deliver Stunning Win for Abortion RightsStrong turnout in the very red state shows pro-choice voters are willing to fight back, with big implications for abortion politics and the midterms.
  21. the city politic
    Jerry Nadler and Carolyn Maloney Really Hate Each OtherThe liberal lions of Manhattan fight off extinction.
  22. early and often
    Republicans Line Up to Challenge Manchin in 2024 for Sin of Being a DemocratNow that Manchin has agreed to only partially kill Biden’s agenda, Republicans are outraged. But it’s unclear he’ll even run in two years.
  23. the national interest
    Will Kyrsten Sinema Kill Biden’s Climate and Health Agenda?She really, really hates taxing the rich.
  24. the city politic
    A Kid Accused of a Crime Is Still a KidYoung New Yorkers should be protected from the inequities of the criminal-justice system, not demonized by the mayor for cheap political points.
  25. 2022 midterms
    Trump Endorsed Both of the Erics Running in Missouri’s Senate RaceEric Schmitt is the front-runner. Eric Greitens used to be. Trump can’t be bothered to choose.
  26. early and often
    Will Trump Get a Sweep in Arizona’s Primary?Trump’s candidates are favored in the Senate and secretary of State primaries in Arizona. But gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake could be in trouble.
  27. early and ofen
    Why Ivana Trump Was Buried at Bedminster Golf Course: 3 TheoriesWith his ex-wife’s burial in a simple grave, Trump’s weird 15-year dream of turning his New Jersey property into a cemetery has come true.
  28. the national interest
    Republicans Say Biden’s Plan Taxes the Middle Class. That’s False.Biden’s plan fulfills his campaign promise.
  29. the inside game
    The Kamala ConundrumThe Democrats’ leader-in-waiting is unpopular, derided by donors, and here to stay.
  30. plagued
    Biden Tests Positive for COVID AgainThe president is apparently experiencing a Paxlovid rebound infection, which happens to a small fraction of people treated with the antiviral.
  31. 2022 midterms
    Are Democrats Turning Around Their Dire Midterm Prospects?There have been some good recent signs for the party, but there’s still a long way to go between now and Election Day.
  32. plagued
    BA.5 Shows COVID Is Evolving Fast. Why Aren’t We Fighting Back?A long talk with Dr. Eric Topol about the BA.5 wave, next-gen vaccines, and why it’s long past time for the U.S. to get ahead of the coronavirus.
  33. early and often
    What the Hell Is Going on With Dr. Oz’s Senate Campaign?Oz is behind in polling and fundraising, and reportedly spent a significant portion of the first post-primary weeks out of state.
  34. the sports section
    Is New York Still the Center of the Basketball Universe?A new documentary, ‘NYC Point Gods,’ suggests it’s not.
  35. the national interest
    The Lessons of Last Year’s Larry Summers HatefestNow is the winter of our discontent, made glorious Summers.
  36. the national interest
    Pennsylvania GOP Governor Candidate Doug Mastriano Refuses to Denounce Nazi AllyAn incredibly ominous sign in the GOP’s rightward lurch.
  37. vision 2024
    The Presidential-Election Landscape Keeps Getting Tougher for DemocratsDems should get used to needing a sizable national popular vote in order to win an Electoral College skewed against them.
  38. politics
    Andrew Yang’s Third Party Is Going NowhereHe has run for office twice but still doesn’t understand politics.
  39. reconciliation
    Obstructionist Democrats Could Still Kill the Manchin DealChuck Schumer & Co. should keep the Champagne on ice for a while longer.
  40. donald trump
    Trump to America: Next Time, No More Mr. Nice GuyTrump’s first speech in Washington since he left office was full of authoritarian menace.
  41. the national interest
    Biden’s Presidency Back From the Dead As Manchin Announces DealIn an about-face, Manchin comes out for the Inflation Reduction Act!
  42. sports
    U.S. Proposes a Prisoner Swap to Bring Brittney Griner HomeThe trade reportedly involves Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, who is serving a 25-year sentence in the U.S.
  43. joe biden
    Biden ’24 Is in Real Trouble NowIf the president doesn’t turn things around, we may hear a lot of retirement as well as birthday wishes when he turns 80.
  44. early and often
    Biden Is Officially COVID-FreeThe president will soon be putting remote work in the rearview mirror.
  45. electoral count act
    Will the House Find a Way to Screw Up Electoral Reform?The Senate has come up with a fix to the law that made January 6 possible. It would be folly for the lower chamber not to accept it.
  46. the national interest
    Without Media Accountability, Republicans Will Govern Like a One-Party StateWhat happens when Republicans shut out independent media.
  47. 2022 midterms
    Bad News for Missouri’s Extremely Disgraced Former GovernorEric Greitens, who was forced to resign in 2018 over a slew of scandals, is sinking in Senate polls.
  48. election coup
    Trump’s Biggest Legal Danger Comes From GeorgiaAtlanta’s district attorney is conducting a broad-ranging criminal investigation that may ensnare the former president.
  49. covid
    COVID Outbreak Hits Senate at Worst Possible TimeIt’s white-knuckle time for Chuck Schumer.
  50. early and often
    President Biden Has COVIDAfter four days on Paxlovid, Biden’s doctor says his symptoms have “almost completely resolved.”
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